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BBInfinite BB86 for Shimano (86.5mm) DirectFit / Dub (29mm) or 30mm Road Ceramitech Black Bottom Bracket

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BBInfinite BB86 for Dub (29mm) Road 1-piece

Our BBInfinite DUB BB86 Pressfit module works with all DUB road bike crank sets on the market. The BB86 Pressfit bottom bracket is also known as PressFit86, and measures 41mm x 86.5mm.

WS2: 73g | CERAMITECH: 75g | ABEC-7 SS: 78g

Frame Width: 86.5mm

Frame Diameter: 41mm

Spindle Diameter: DUB or 30mm

There is a slim shim that can convert DUB to 30mm that is included in the package


BBInfinite BB86 (86.5mm) DirectFit Shimano 1-piece

The BBInfinite BB86 DirectFit Shimano bottom bracket works with all Shimano HollowTech road cranksets on the market, from Tiagra to Dura Ace. Our Shimano HollowTech Bottom Bracket ships with the special press tools and retaining compounds you'll need.

1-Piece Weight:

WS2: 67g | CERAMITECH: 68g | ABEC-7 SS: 70g

Frame Width: 86.5mm

Frame Diameter: 41mm

Spindle Diameter: 24mm