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Revoloop Cyclocross Ultra Tube Premium Inner Tube (700c/32-40)

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The REVOLOOP ultra brings the new wind into a 100-year-old sport. With a weight of 30 grams, similar to the REVOLOOP.race ultra, it also shares its unique rolling characteristics and low rolling resistance. The material formula specially developed for this tube combines a very high mechanical strength with simultaneous elasticity of the material and thus enables the innovative, specific property profile of this bicycle tube.

The valve is made of particularly impact- and break-resistant thermoplastic and is ahead of its time. The minimum weight combined with maximum performance. A specially designed valve foot prevents damage to the hose due to sharp edges on the valve bore.

R E V O L O O P® Valves
Light and stable.
The valves developed by REVOLOOP are made of special, high-strength thermoplastic polyurethane. They combine the highest technical demands with minimum weight and sophisticated design. The internally welded valve base plate protects the tube from damage caused by sharp edges on the valve bore in the rim and the dreaded valve breakage.

R E V O L O O P® Welding Technology
Virtually Seamless.
REVOLOOPs patent-pending welding process makes it possible for the first time to weld thermoplastic tubes with large wall thicknesses in such a way that an approximately flat seam can be produced. This technologically sophisticated process enables REVOLOOP to achieve perfect rolling comfort while at the same time providing maximum protection against snakebite and puncture failure.

R E V O L O O P® Material
Ecologically Responsible.
Thermoplastic polyurethanes are recyclable plastics. Since both REVOLOOPs tubing and the valve are made of TPU, R E V O L O O P® bicycle tubes can be completely recycled. Out of responsibility towards the environment.

*Only pump when encased in a tyre. Otherwise no more than 4.5 PSI.
Do put rim tape first to protect the tube before installing it