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Magped Enduro 200 Pedals 2022 Black

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MAGPED Enduro 200 Pedals 2022
CNC crafted from one aluminum block

Pin’s are screwed “inside out”

reinforced spindle for even higher loads


A Pair Magped ENDURO pedals (L+R)


Metallic plates for SPD shoes

Magnetic screws in 2 lengths

Allen key

32 (8mm) steel pin’s

16 (11mm) steel pin’s

Pins mounted inside out and must be installed individually (supplied loose)

magnet size recommendation:

150N for biker up to 80 kg

200N for biker >75 kg

Dimensions: length=107mm width=97mm height=16mm

32 pins (8mm) & (11mm) for the Magped ENDURO.

Orange & Green pins made in 7075 aluminium which has a hardness comparable to steel

The magped safety bike pedal is a true innovation for road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes. Our patented magnet mechanism makes the quick and simple release of the foot from the pedal possible at any time. In comparison to standard click-in pedals, the risk of crash and injury will be reduced to a minimum – and your head stays free for a hassle-free biking experience without fear.