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Shimano PRO Missile Ski Bend Clip on Time Trial (TT) Aerobar

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The PRO Missile Ski-Bend Clip-On are clip-on extensions which add a triathlon/time trial position to standard handlebars.
Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Missile Ski-Bend Clip-On allow for triathlon/time trial positions to standard, 31.8-millimetre diameter, handlebars. They clip easily to traditional road, or even mountain bike, handlebars allowing the rider to benefit from the aerodynamic gains of an aggressive time trial position on the bike. The ski-bend design features a 45-degree upsweep to the ends of the extensions, which feature a 22.2-millimetre diameter and measure 344-millimetres in length. Wrist pressure relief ergonomics and multi-position armpads, which are wide and boast 10-millimetre-thick foam pads, help further enhance rider comfort. The Missile Ski-Bend Clip-On extensions also feature multi-adjustable brackets, which allow for the extensions to be attached in a manner to provide the most comfortable position on the bike.

Clip-on triathlon/time trial extensions for standard 31.8mm handlebars
Wrist pressure relief ergonomics
Multi-adjustable brackets
Multi-position wide armpads
10mm soft armpads
45-degree upsweep
Alloy 6061 construction